Praire Forge Group
PF Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality design and construction services, helping improve the built environment, and delivering outstanding projects which meet and exceed our client goals. Our approach is based on these values.
  • In the spirit of Christ, we seek to serve our clients and employees with respect and humility.
  • We believe in doing what is right.
  • We strive for excellence displayed through an innovative, systematic, and transparent process, with a deadline-driven delivery.
Architecture defines space: it has the potential to affect people’s lives in powerful, direct ways. A well-designed building can inspire awe or create intimacy, intimidate or welcome visitors. Creative architecture can tell a story, invoke a history lesson, or present a vision of the future. Every building makes a statement. A skilled architect recognizes this and will create not only a functional, attractive structure, but one that also reflects the character and vision of its owner, all within the owner’s economic framework.

At Prairie Forge Group, we focus on:
  • Understanding a building’s site and context: the impact these have on placing a building and determining its form and character
  • Elemental inspiration:
    • Light: the effective use of light and shadows
    • Air: creative use of three-dimensional space
    • Fire: strategic placement of fire, such as a fireplace
    • Water: incorporation of water features
  • Understanding of design styles, from traditional to contemporary
  • Enhancing the character of buildings; adding character to buildings that lack it
  • Creating healthy buildings that integrate interior and exterior spaces, i.e., “Where does the outside end and the inside begin?”
  • Using interesting materials in creative ways:
    • New products and technologies, once proven effective
    • Sustainable, renewable products
    • Color and texture
  • Balancing aesthetics with the responsibility of budgets
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